We were fortunate to play hosts to some Japanese guests on 11th August 2011.

They experienced the Science Trail, Batik Painting, Folk dance and mingled with some pupils from 5/2 during lunch.

Tell us more about what you did on that day :)

04 August 2011

Primary 5 camp 1-7!

Tell me about

1) One thing you did at the camp that made you independent.

2) 2 new friends you made

3) 3 fun activities you liked

4) 4 types of food you ate

5) 5 things you brought to the camp

6) 6 teachers who accompanied you to the camp.

7) write a line about the camp. It has to contain only 7 words.

11 July 2011

Our Science Week 2011

Our first day was an enriching experience and a great start to the Science Week!

We visited the library and were entralled by its new interior.
We each borrowed a book and sat down quietly to read.
Amazingly, all the books had interesting facts and some of us posted them on the whiteboard in the library.

Tell me ONE interesting science fact you picked up from a book you have read today.
Go online and find out more!

We will have Oral Speaking Days:
Next Monday: If I was the President of Singapore OR you bring an object to class:
Write 10-15 lines, memorise it and recite it in front of the class.

2. Hafila
3. Davesh


30 June 2011

Our Toon Doos!

 A drumstick!

 50 cents for henna!
 Our lovely JunYi in a sari!

 Listening intently in the hindu temple.