04 August 2011

Primary 5 camp 1-7!

Tell me about

1) One thing you did at the camp that made you independent.

2) 2 new friends you made

3) 3 fun activities you liked

4) 4 types of food you ate

5) 5 things you brought to the camp

6) 6 teachers who accompanied you to the camp.

7) write a line about the camp. It has to contain only 7 words.


Anonymous said...

i like the food at there,and the flying fox.

Yuan Yi Chun

Anonymous said...

One thing I did at the camp that made me more independent was washing my own dishes after every meal.

Nur Aliyah

Anonymous said...

1. One thing that made me more independent was washing my own dishes after every meal.
2. I made friends with Jamie from 5/1 and Farah from 5/7.
3. I like the campfire night, the night hike and rock climbing.
4. I ate chap chye, hotdog, nuggets and white rice.
5. I brought a torchlight, a sleeping bag, water bottle, some clothes and utensils.
6. The teachers who accompanied us were Mrs Sidhu, Miss Grace, Mrs Go, Mr Helmi, Mr Najeeb and Mr Tok.
7. The campfire was awesome, fun and tiring.

Nur Aliyah

Anonymous said...

1) One thing you did at the camp that made you independent was waking up on our own early in the morning.

2) I've made many new friends and some of them were Dian from 5/5 and Iffah from 5/7.

3) I love the high elements,the night hike and of course the Campfire night!!

4) I ate many delicious foods such as hot dogs,nuggets,vegetables and fried chicken.

5)I brought a sleeping bag,my clothing,torchlight,alarm clock and my utensils to camp.

6) The teachers who accompanied all the P5s to the camp were Mrs Sidhu,Mr Helmi,Mr Najeeb,Mr Jackmond Tok,Ms Grace and Mrs Go.

7)That was the best camp I've had!!

Iasmin Shereen

Anonymous said...

Wow, i feel sad as i can't go...only if i were there....i will ans the question but all about i'm at home..

1. Helping my mom at home made me independent..
2. I made new friends.They were my cats.
3. I enjoy the exercises i did at home such as skipping, soccer and running.
4. I ate fish, white rice and chicken..
5. Everything i brought is here at home..
6. The teachers are my mom (teach me MT), Dad (some MA), brother (MA), little brother (PE), little sis (ART), older brother (SCI).
7. It was not so fun at home.

BY: FARHANI 5/2...LOLlipop...

Anonymous said...

One thing that make me independent in the camp was waking early in the morning by myself.

Dorothy Law

Anonymous said...

1)One thing that made me independent is cleaning up the mess.
2)I made made new friends and they are Rohani and Zezheng.
3)I liked the high elements,night walk,campfire night.
4)I ate fish fillet,tofu and nuggets.
5)The 5 things I brought to the camp is a torch light, sleeping bag, clothes,water bottle ,mini electric fan(-_-).
6)The teacher were Ms.Grace, Mr.Helmi,Mr.tok ,Mrs Go,Mrs Sidhu , Mr Najeeb.


Anonymous said...

oops.. they weren' 7 words


Anonymous said...

I like the high elements,night walk and the campfire.i made new friends in the camp is zuhrah and shafiqah


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