We were fortunate to play hosts to some Japanese guests on 11th August 2011.

They experienced the Science Trail, Batik Painting, Folk dance and mingled with some pupils from 5/2 during lunch.

Tell us more about what you did on that day :)


Anonymous said...

I was assigned to 2 buddies. Their names were Airei and Nana. They were friendly and we exchanged gifts. It was difficult communicating with them as they do not speak or understand English that much. I had to use sign language to be able to communicate with them. I had fun dancing the 'cemo cemo' with them. They also taught us the Japanese pop dance.

Nur Aliyah

Anonymous said...

I've made new friends with the Japanese students and some of them were MiYu and Yuzuki.Firstly I thought it was going to be a piece of cake entertaining and communicating with them but it was not!!I had to use some sign language using my physical body parts such as my hands.Although it was hard,I still persevere and never give up! It was fun making new friends with them!! They were all friendly,helpful and some of them were so cute.At last,when they had to leave,we exchange gifts!It was the best day ever!

Iasmin Shereen

Anonymous said...

I had two buddies.Although I had forgotten thier names,I still remember thier age.One of them was a 15 year old and the other one was 8 year old.The older one could speak english but the younger one did not speak at all.I thought he was shy.I also gave them two paper cranes each after dancing with them.And one more thing,Aliyah,the dance is spelt as 'cimo-cimo':



Anonymous said...

wow, all of you experiences visiting the Japanese.
i just studying at class....anyway, luckily its not me cause i am a very shy pupil...

Anonymous said...

just now was FARHANI's comment..

Anonymous said...

I only got 1 buddy lucky for me.His name was Akira. At first I thought he was 11 years old, but he was 13 years old.We had 1 thing in commen and that was supporting Manchester United..Lol.

Muhd Yaseer

Anonymous said...

Ive made new friends and their names is HIRAI and OKOTA.After they performed,I asked what song it is and they said..(never mind I forgot).That day was so fun that it made me cry a bit when they were leaving already.

Eunice Campana

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