11 July 2011

Our Science Week 2011

Our first day was an enriching experience and a great start to the Science Week!

We visited the library and were entralled by its new interior.
We each borrowed a book and sat down quietly to read.
Amazingly, all the books had interesting facts and some of us posted them on the whiteboard in the library.

Tell me ONE interesting science fact you picked up from a book you have read today.
Go online and find out more!

We will have Oral Speaking Days:
Next Monday: If I was the President of Singapore OR you bring an object to class:
Write 10-15 lines, memorise it and recite it in front of the class.

2. Hafila
3. Davesh



Anonymous said...

i learnt that there were 12 people who visited the moon .aziz

Anonymous said...

I learnt that 'REX' means king


Anonymous said...

i learnt that that is 20000 ants all over the world

Anonymous said...

I learnt that an earthquake lasts less than a minute but causes many damages.Tsunami travel as fast as a jet plane.i also learnt that our skin is made out of thin, thin coat of oil.wow...i learnt alot today.i hoped that more of this kind of activities coming soon daily..

By Nur Farhani:)

Anonymous said...

i learnt that when a volcano eruption ,it burst to about 30 000 feet high

yuan yichun

Anonymous said...

I learnt that Jupiter has 60 moons.

Jun Liang

Anonymous said...

I have leanrt that in our solar system,Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.


Anonymous said...

I learnt that giant forests are found near the equator.


Nady said...

I learnt that neptune is blue.
Extra facts:
Neptune's blue colour is caused by the methane (CH4)in its atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I learnt that there are 206 bones in the adult human body and there are 300 in children.

si yu

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